to the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre

We are here to serve individuals and families impacted by an unexpected pregnancy. Support is offered free of charge, available to all, and voluntarily requested. We provide medically accurate information on all three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting.

North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre provides a safe environment for a woman to make a pregnancy decision that is fully informed, evidence-based, consistent with her belief system, and free from external influence.

North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre does not perform, refer, or advocate for abortion. However, we are committed to the unconditional acceptance of everyone, regardless of their choice.

You can easily donate to the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre by e-Transfer info@northpeacepregnancycare.ca! Click the bottle or here for more information.

Our services are
free & confidential

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Accurate information on all options 
  • Practical support services
  • Grief support for all pregnancy related  loss
  • Post-adoption support
  • Parenting/birth parent support
  • Healthy relationships
  • Information on pregnancy health
  • Baby Boutique items for up to age 2
  • Safe place free from outside influences

Safe. Confidential. No Judgement.

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Think You're Pregnant?

What are your options?

Considering An Abortion?

Make an informed decision.

The Morning
After Pill

How it works.

She's pregnant...
now what?

You were so careful…..this wasn’t supposed to happen. Now you’re facing being a father, and you’re terrified.

If she is pregnant, this changes everything. You like her, but are you ready for this? What choices, if any, do you have? What are your rights? What will be expected of you?

We’re not just here for her. You can meet with your own client advocate, who can support you as you explore this situation.

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The North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre exists to provide compassion and support to those affected by unexpected pregnancy. Find out more about us. We are a nonprofit agency consisting of a Board of Directors, Executive Director and many volunteers, the NPPCC is affiliated with the Pregnancy Care Canada(PCC). If you would like to know more about the NPPCC, please contact us by phone or email.