Considering an Abortion

Your well-being is important. It’s okay to take the time you need to make your decision.

Some women believe abortion is their best and only option. Some women are ambivalent about abortion. Other women feel pressured by others to consider abortion. We are here to help you sort through your thoughts, feelings and questions.

We are here to help you understand all your options equally. It is your pregnancy, your right to know, and your decision. We are committed to providing you with caring, emotional support, no matter what you decide.

There are many things to consider. It’s important to determine what is best for you, now and in your future. It’s vital to get all the information you can to help you make a decision. You have a right to get all the facts. Take the time you need to equip yourself to make your best decision.

Our trained client support workers are available to discuss with you any questions you may have regarding having an abortion, barriers to continuing a pregnancy, and risks associated with abortion.

If you are unsure about this decision or would like someone to talk to, please contact us to discuss your options further.

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The North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre exists to provide compassionate support to those impacted by unexpected pregnancy. We are a faith based non profit organization consisting of a Board of Directors, Executive Director and many volunteers, the NPPCC is affiliated with the Pregnancy Care Canada(PCC). If you would like to know more about the NPPCC, please contact us by phone or email.

Scope of Care: Our trained team (registered nurses, life coach and volunteer client advocates) operates under the supervision of an executive director. Our volunteer client advocates are not a substitute for professional counselling.  We do not provide ongoing primary health care including prenatal care, contraception, abortions or arranging abortions. If clients do not have a family physician, they will be provided with information about local walk-in clinics.